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Mission & Values

As we grapple with the daunting reality of climate change, technology plays an intimate role in monitoring and measuring the world around us. These “remote sensing” technologies will become increasingly critical as the problem compounds.

The way we gather, share, and interpret this data is critical to our shared success as a species. Unfortunately, many of these technologies well suited to environmental monitoring are sheltered in industry and defense communities. The data is often only available for privileged access.

Our mission in the immediate future is to make these technologies more accessible through smart engineering and passionate, cross-discipline science and education. The hope is to encourage open collaboration, connect disjointed fields, and foster citizen science to fully leverage the capabilities of our modern society.

Create and test solutions for cost-effective, scientific grade, remote sensing systems.
Pursue funded research projects to advance the science of environmental remote sensing.
Build commercial partnerships that advance objectives while sharing goals for global change.
Cultivate a company culture with uncompromising scientific and moral values.
Engage public communities to enhance scientific education and policy.
Our Core Team
Ryan Barlow

Ryan Barlow, CEO and Founder

Ryan has followed a diverse career as an engineer and scientist. His work includes particular focus on Electro-Optical Engineering, Systems Integration, and Data Analytics.

Some publicly notable work history includes design advising for the Next Generation Advanced Bomb Suit (NGABS), lead scientist roles at QinetiQ and Corning Incorporated for ground and air systems, and a key engineering role building a new Hyperspectral satellite constellation, scheduled to launch soon.

Ryan has pledged to address global issues, namely anthropomorphic climate change, by rededicating his career.

Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez, Lead of Engineering and Prototyping

Carlos is the embodiment of multi-disciplinary, hands on engineering. With precise skill in electronics, PCB design, mechanics, system architecture, and firmware, he is able to tackle any design and prototyping challenge.

Carlos has distinguished himself at a number of well respected institutions including National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) laboratories and University of Virginia’s (UVA) Polarized Target group.

Timothy DeLisle

Timothy DeLisle, Lead of Science Education and Creative Content

Tim has been guiding learners of all ages in explorations in science and creating curriculum and programs STEM education for over 20 years. He has an ability to present complex topics in a way that makes them accessible to a wide variety of audiences and build connections between sparks of curiosity and what science can reveal.

He also has a passion for creating software that makes the tools of scientific exploration easier to use. His focus in software development is creating vibrant, dynamic, intuitive user interfaces for complex instruments, and data visualization, that help to highlight the story a researcher seeks to tell with their data.

In his current role as the Director of Software Engineering and Field Studies at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI), he is excited to partner with GeoPulse Solutions in inspiring a new generation of learners to discover more about the world around them.

Board of Advisors
  • Mary Williams, former CEO of QinetiQ US and founder of MTEQ
  • Greg Baxter, Think Beyond Innovation Accelerator, Formerly Global Entrepreneurship Center
  • Daniella Russo, Think Beyond Innovation Accelerator
  • Vardhan Bajpai, SBDC New Hampshire
  • Katrina Barlow, former CEO and Founder of R2C
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Email us: info@geopulsesolutions.com
Or call: (703)338-6531
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